In Between Worlds. The Inner Journey. Blood, Decay, Tears and Love…

The last handful of years have been profound. I have experienced great growth as well as great pain. I have lost sight of who I was, that woman is no more, but I am unable to see the woman that is growing in to being. This deep transition that I am going through,  I never could have dreamed of experiencing, and it is one that has brought me to my knees. It only takes a small part of your past to come back to make you look in to that wound that you hoped had healed but in your deepest soul knew that it hadn’t. There was time and space to go back down in to that place of tears and wounding. The betrayal, mistrust and soul wrenching heartbreak that never leaves you, you merely find a place to put it so it doesn’t pick and scratch and worry that deep wound.

This is my inner journey now, a course I am required to navigate with no compass or map, only my senses, my heart and my inner knowing. It is so painful it has crippled me at times as I slowly adjust to the not knowing and breaking down of who I thought I was. I find myself listening to the words I speak and have become much more aware that those words are meant for my ears. My psychic awareness is extremely heightened as are my emotions, at times I am sure my heart will burst inside my breast and I will feel the warm blood oozing through my entire being.

I understand how important the journey is and it is my focus now, not the destination. The journey is for the soul, the destination is the ego’s playground. Nobody else can accompany me on that journey, it’s a solo expedition. I feel soon I must retreat from the world and try to find some of those broken pieces of myself, perhaps to put them back together, perhaps not. My soul longs to shine, to express itself and this will happen when I can bury my feet in to the earth, all my senses embracing the decay of nature along with the decay of my past and the pain it brings.

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Lee Soulshine x


4 thoughts on “In Between Worlds. The Inner Journey. Blood, Decay, Tears and Love…

  1. Lee SoulShine, The broken pieces of your soul can be brought back but some of it may not be possible by you alone. There are steps to be taken to make sure you are ready for those pieces to reunite with the whole. I am going through the same exact process in my life. I have a broken inner child that doesn’t trust, so I have to go through certain activities that will ready me and give her confidence to come back. I’m working with a shaman and doing different baths and elevating my ancestors in preparation for the soul retrieval. Namaste.

    Gratitude, Light & Love.


    1. Hi..

      I totally understand what you mean. I am at a very fragile stage of my life & find it very confusing. I am in the process of leaving a part of myself behind but have not stepped into where I am going. I am receiving healings & looking within to work through this. Unfortunately my physical health is very poor right now which complicates things greatly. I’m hesitant to do too much right now as I am going on Retreat very soon, a digital detox in nature with minimum contact with people, this will replenish me greatly. Thank you for your words, I appreciate them.

      Lee x

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      1. We really do mirror each other because my health isn’t the best either. I have my challenges but I am determined they will not define me any longer.
        I’m feeling that I should caution you about “leaving a part of myself behind” because all that you have gone through and worked out have made you the person you are today. I’m concerned that if you leave it behind it may become a part of you that will have to be retrieved later. Try to embrace all that you are and think of the past as rungs on a ladder. A good idea might be to meditate about it with your guides and angels and see what they have to say.
        I will be traveling to Ohio to study with a teacher this summer and I’m very excited about it. I’m looking at it as a retreat of sorts.
        I hope you have a wonderful time in nature on yours.
        Gratitude, Love & Light.


  2. I probably could have worded that better. I am in the process of leaving something behind me that was a big part of my life but now must be released. Your trip to Ohio to study sounds wonderful, what will you be studying?

    Lee x


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