Spirituality. Heart and how being a Medium has changed my life…

I have been on a wonderful journey these past 15 years. Since the first event I did as a professional reader my life has changed in so many ways. I remember feeling so nervous as I walked into the venue where the Psychic Fair was being held as I knew that it was a changing day in my life… but could not have had any concept of how my life was going to unfold from that day forth. I am so happy right now and my feeling of purpose is very strong and clear. I live my life through my spirituality and my belief in the power of the Universe.

I have grown in leaps and bounds, learned so much, evolved, healed a lot of my past, learned how to forgive as well as come to an understanding of the power of myself and of the Universe. My heart has opened right up and I am more than willing to share it with others. My awareness of the whole allows to me help myself and others in wonderful ways. Being a channel has helped me to help not only others but also myself to heal. I have had wonderful glimpses and felt the all encompassing LOVE of ‘the other side’ and feel blessed to be able to experience such profound things.

I was able to visualise a number of years ago events and situations, the path that my life was going to take and it has turned out even better than I pictured. Now I am well on my way to where I want to be and no doubt there will be things that pop up to surprise me as I know we are never shown everything and that’s perfectly OK… I am open to all future experiences, I trust implicitly in my guides, the power of the Universe and my own abilities.

Don’t be afraid to visualise your future, to tell the Universe what you want… but mostly to open your arms and heart to the opportunities & wonderful experiences available to us all. Be present in your life & stake your claim, your place in the big picture. Believe in yourself & know you CAN do whatever you want to do, have trust & patience- they will serve you well. Fear has no place in our journey forward.

‘All is in divine & perfect order right now’

Lee SoulShine x


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